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As we all know, we are currently facing a lot of plush toys in the market, and how do we classify them? In fact, it is very simple, basically divided into two categories, baby toys and non-baby toys! Baby toys can be divided into several categories, most of which are divided according to the age of the baby. Some people think that plush toys are played by children, which is a big misunderstanding. In fact, 95% of the plush toys on the market are not suitable for baby play. The requirements for baby plush toys are very high, and each country has its own national safety standards. There are only a few cases in the world that cause safety of infants and young children because of toy safety. For example, if the eye part of a plush toy is used with an eyeball, it is easy for the child to pick it up and cause it to be hurt! Therefore, the purchase of plush toys still has to choose a more professional plush toy manufacturer, only reasonable, qualified materials, can make us happy!
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