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First, to avoid small parts easy to fall off toys and "dangerous" high magnetic toys. Children who have developed their hands and mouths are caught in their mouths. If the small object on the toy is easy to fall off, the child may accidentally eat and cause suffocation and other accidents.
If magnetic toys are eaten by mistake, they will attract each other in the body, causing internal bleeding, intestinal blockage, or infection. Parents in particular should keep their children away from such "high risk" toys.
Second, according to the toy logo, buy toys suitable for age. Regularly qualified toys are executed in accordance with national standards in terms of markings and instructions. Parents should pay attention to the age limit of warning signs when purchasing toys. Children of different ages have different cognitive abilities and behavioral abilities. For example, the battery cover at the bottom of the car toy is detachable, and there is a risk of getting stuck in the throat for a three-year-old child.
Third, the toy with too much volume can cause potential harm to children's hearing. The US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) has pointed out that the volume of toys is too large and can cause potential harm to children's hearing. Previously, PIRG released a report saying that the volume of VTech car toys and animal dolls was too large. When placed at the ear, the sound was greater than 85 decibels, and when the ear was more than 50 cm, the decibel was 70.
Fourth, to avoid three no, poor quality toys. Many three toys are made from unsterilized waste materials, which usually have a plastic smell. Three non-inferior plastic toys contain harmful chemicals, and children's long-term exposure to such toys poses a hidden danger to health.
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