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The process of environmentally-friendly testing of plush toys is usually sent to a third-party testing agency or a local quality inspection bureau. The cost is relatively higher than that of a third-party testing agency. The second is to fill out a test application form and application form. The content includes: application company name, company address, sample name, brand name, etc., and then arrange the payment for testing, a quality inspection report takes 4-5 working days.

Plush toys are cloth toys. Their external materials (fluids of different textures) and internal fillings (pp cotton) should pay special attention to: the outer fluff should be soft, elastic, odorless, non-pilling, and free of insects. No color difference, no fading, easy to recover after combing; internal filling should be pp cotton, soft and uniform, no foreign body sensation and hard object sensation.

Small parts attached to the plush toy, such as eyes, nose, mouth and buttons, etc., must be strong, firm, no sharp edges, no hair. During the baby game, care should be taken to prevent accidents such as accidental swallowing, swallowing or suffocation, scratches, etc.

In order to ensure safety, regular manufacturers should be purchased at the mall. Plush toys should have standard instructions for use, including product name, manufacturer, site, contact number, main material composition, implementation standard code, applicable age and safety warnings.
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