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The flame retardant test standard for plush toys is:

Fabrics and fillers must be flame retardant and removed from the flame as a whole. The burning time should not exceed 2 seconds and the maximum burning size should not exceed 70 mm.

How to buy a plush toy:

First of all, look at its appearance, and then touch its hair with your hands. The high quality plush will give your hands and face a comfortable feeling. Some inferior toys can't give you this feeling because of the material relationship.

Second, look at the eyes of the toy. The quality plush toys are very bright and deep, and they are so gods that you can feel connected with them. The eyes of inferior toys are dark, rough, dull, godless, and even have some toys with bubbles inside them.

Then, look at the nose and mouth of the toy. In the plush toy, the animal's nose is divided into several types, which are made of leather, hand-sewn with useful threads, and made of plastic. The good skin nose is made of good leather or good artificial leather. The nose is full and delicate, while the inferior nose is rough and the filling is not full. The well-sealed nose works very finely and neatly. The advantages and disadvantages of plastic noses depend on whether their work is exquisite.

In addition, it depends on the materials of the palms and soles of the toys. The materials used in the palms and soles of the plush toys are very particular. When purchasing, it should be seen whether the sewing technique and workmanship are fine, and whether the materials used in the palms and soles of the feet are coordinated with the main body.

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