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For enterprises to build a brand and create a brand image, we will think of raising awareness and packaging net red, but now people's living standards and the improvement of ideas, plush toys to penetrate into our lives, so many companies now Have their own corporate image or plush toys, and they will be made into a plush mascot to raise awareness and spread culture. Therefore, the customization of plush toys has been particularly welcomed in recent years.

The plush toy that represents the brand is also called the second logo of the brand. Compared to the blunt logo, fun plush toys are easier to remember, especially after the 90s and 00s, a new generation of young people and children. In the era of reading pictures, competition begins with vision. Users can't see you, can't talk about recognition! Visually creates the value of desire, and the brand also creates the value of desire. The first principle of brand is cognition, and vision is the first means to strengthen cognition. A characteristic plush toy can bring the user a "stunning" at first sight, and then fall in love.
World famous business executive Walter said, "If the name and logo are your face, let people remember you, the doll is your hands, let you hold on to others, and have emotional relationships with people." In addition, new generations of consumers are paying more attention to individual needs and spiritual pleasures. The personalization of plush toys makes users feel close to the relevant brands, and then establish an emotional connection with inner trust, affection and affinity;
Recognizability is to have characteristics, this is like an actor, or the value is very high, or it has characteristics, otherwise it is difficult for the audience to remember him/her. The same is true for toys, and the image that is too popular can be confusing. Therefore, in the design, the creative form is used to grasp the customer's eye, and the recognition of the mascot is strengthened by the unconventional shape and the simple and vivid color.
Brand mascot is a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and is the core embodiment of excellent quality. The process of cultivating and creating brands is also a process of continuous innovation. It has the power of innovation, has a three-dimensional image, allows customers to feel the existence of mascots, and can convey the cultural concept of the company through mascots. In order to stand in an invincible position in the fierce competition, and then consolidate the original brand assets, multi-level, multi-angle, multi-field participation in the competition.
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