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The society is developing, and we are living a better life. Many families are more concerned about spiritual enjoyment, such as plush toys, when we go to a friend’s house, we will see a lot of hair. Velvet toys, these plush toys may be children's playmates, or may be home furnishings. Some are directly purchased, and some are their own custom models. No matter what you do, you have to clean them at regular intervals to use them longer. How do you clean the plush toy so that it does not deform and damage the plush texture of the surface?

1, before the cleaning of the plush toy, you can use a softer brush to brush off the surface dust and contaminated floc.

2, wrap the plush toy tightly with a large bath towel, and then fix it with a rubber band outside.

3, Put the mummy-like plush toy into the laundry bag, and use the rubber band to tighten the laundry bag so that the mummy inside will not shake. When the two layers are wrapped and washed in a washing machine, the surface texture of the plush toy will not be destroyed.
So clean the plush toy and let it dry in the sun! After drying, use a comb to straighten the wool of the plush toy, so that a clean and tidy plush toy will come out!

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