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Choose quality toys that include quality, including fabrics, stitching, fillers, and the stability of small parts. Whether the fabric has passed the test and whether there is any odor is the concern of Baoma. Good fabrics must be clean, not lint, and feel soft and comfortable. The stitched part of the toy should be firm and gently pulled to the sides. If the gap is too large, the filler will be exposed.
If the middle of the filling cotton is easy to adjust, it is easy to cause the baby to eat, the mother must check the baby for the suture. If there are small parts such as eyes and nose on the doll, check for the problem that there is no looseness of the drop and the seam, and reduce the occurrence of ingestion. Filled cotton is best to choose PP cotton, delicate and healthy.
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For younger babies, Baoma tries to choose short-haired plush toys for the baby, and the toy size is not too big. On the one hand, plush toys are more likely to get dust, and it is easier to breed bacteria when the time is long. Short-haired toys are more convenient to clean and are not easy to lose hair. The baby is younger, and short-haired can prevent allergies in the baby's inhalation.
Smaller babies are hard to build a good feeling for big plush toys. Smaller toys do not cause pressure on the baby and are more convenient to carry. Too big a toy, the baby may be difficult to pick up or drag, the baby is easily irritated, and crying, the companionship of the toy loses its meaning.
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If your baby is more than 3 years old, pay attention to gender issues when choosing a toy. Boys and girls are very different in their preferences. Many times it is not because of gender, but boys and girls will unnaturally imitate mom and dad. Children prefer car to dad. Mom prefers cosmetics judgment and chooses someone they like to imitate. .
Although many people now believe that boys and girls should not be classified according to gender, they should educate their children according to their personality characteristics. But buying toys is a way to help your child better define his or her gender. Not treating children because of gender differences, but proper gender guidance can help your baby find himself better.

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