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1, the commonly used toys are placed in an obvious position, do not need to be too careful when sorting the classification, or when the child is holding a toy to find a piece to find. In addition, it can be placed according to the size of the toy to guide the child to identify which toys should be placed. To this end, parents can concentrate toys in one or two places, improve the efficiency of the use of toys, and also facilitate children to find toys.
2, from time to time, children will not want to play with toys, this may be too much toys at home, the child's freshness has been weakened. At this time, parents can properly pick up some toys and wait for a while before they can be taken out to play with them. This allows the child to focus on the toy in front of them for a certain period of time, keeping the child fresh.
3. If some toys are found to be missing parts, they should be thrown away in time, otherwise the child may be accidentally injured. Some are no longer applicable as the child grows up, you can choose to give up, or donate to the children in need according to the age of the toy.
4, when the toys are organized, the children can participate, listen to the children's opinions, patiently guide the children to pack the toys, it is recommended not to use a tough tone.
5, parents should also regularly clean toys when finishing toys. At this time, it is also a good idea to guide the children to participate in cleaning together and let the children clean the toys into a game.
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