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The soft touch of the plush toy, the cute shape can usually give the baby a sense of security. The child left the warm uterus and began to learn various skills to meet his or her behavior and psychological needs after coming out of his mother's stomach. Although this change is natural, in the process, it will inevitably encounter some setbacks and blows.
A baby who does not have good verbal skills can hardly express his inner uneasiness with his parents. At this time, holding a cute plush toy can play a soothing role. Many times parents can't understand the sensitive and fragile heart of their children, and listening to them can't be calm. Plush toys can be used to accompany your child quietly and listen to emotional expressions that parents can't understand.
Plush toys can help develop children's cognitive abilities. A variety of different fabrics, different colors, different types of plush toys can help the baby practice the touch of the hand, to distinguish the different touches brought by different fabrics. You can also let your baby observe the color of the plush toy and do color cognitive exercises. It is also possible to let the baby learn nouns by using different shapes of pillows such as animals, fruits and vegetables.
High quality, beautiful plush toys can be used as a growth partner for your baby. Larger children will think of plush toys as their friends. Of course, there are many children who do this. Nowadays, most families with only children, children will take plush toys as their younger siblings to take care of and play with them.
Parents will also use plush toys as props to communicate with the baby about problems that were otherwise difficult for children to accept. For example: the problem of taking medicine and sleeping, you can use your baby's favorite dolls, with some language that encourages children to take medicine and sleep. This kind of game is often much better than the mother's imperative tone!
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