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The previous cloth toys are relatively simple in terms of shape and fabric. The genre includes kittens, puppies and the like. These small animal images are common in life and the structure is quite simple. With the development of varieties, fancy, textile materials and processes. The development level of the shape and structure of the velvet toy has been greatly improved. Despite this, the mainstream cloth toys have not changed much from their original ancestors, but they are more extensive in subject matter. From animals and plants in nature, to various cartoon characters to some unnatural, various shapes created by designers. Because the materials are easy to obtain, the price is low, the craft is simpler than the toys of other materials, and almost all the shapes that can be thought of can be realized by the form of a cloth toy. In addition, it has a lot of output and low prices. Combined with sound, light and electricity, from the original simple toy for viewing to today's meeting, the interactive cloth toy that will move, speak, and sing, is accepted and loved by the public. The biggest advantage of velvet as a material toy. In the past decade, the main factor affecting the price of mainstream cloth toys has been the brand. Cloth toys are like fashion, and after a while there will be styles that are popular around the world. Cloth toys have entered the era of combining high technology with traditional technology. The production process has been developed from the most traditional hand-filled and sewn small batch productions of centuries ago to the full use of computer design and mass production of assembly lines. . China is a big country in the production of cloth toys. As a large-scale cloth toy production and processing base in the world, China's cloth toy industry has shown unilateral prosperity. A large number of products are replicas and imitations of foreign classic designs, and their own design and development. The ability needs to be improved.
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