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The thick and sleek expression, soft and comfortable feel, is the characteristics of plush toys. Realistic appearance, vivid, so many girls can not help but want to buy. However, many people are worried about the quality of the fabric of the plush toy, and will not remove the hair. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to several kinds of fabrics made of plush toys.
First, spandex fabric
Spandex is a polyurethane fiber, which is also called elastic fiber because of its good elasticity. The fiber is found in the composition of the spandex fabric, so the spandex fabric is also called elastic super soft, and the plush toy fabric is not easy to age, sweat and washable.
However, spandex plush toy fabrics are not 100% polyurethane, they are mixed in a certain proportion, basically in the range of 3% to 30%. This kind of plush toy fabric is usually made of composite yarn, which means that spandex is made with other fibers. This kind of plush toy fabric has good adaptability to the body and does not damage the skin.
Second, crystal cotton
The composition of this plush fabric is mainly nylon monofilament, human cotton and polyester low-elastic yarn. In weaving, the structure of the plush toy fabric is satin-like, which gives the plush toy fabric a dazzling flash effect, and at the same time utilizes the difference in coloration of the different materials in the dyeing process, which produces a panel effect. The plush toy fabric is also water-repellent, and because the composition contains nylon monofilament, it increases the lightness and flexibility of the fabric while enhancing wear and moisture resistance. The addition of human cotton makes the fabric feel soft and translucent.
Third, PV velvet
This kind of plush toy fabric, also known as plush, South Korean cashmere. The main component is polyester, with or without light and semi-light. It is the latest and best-selling fabric in the past two years. This kind of plush toy fabric has delicate texture, soft and silky touch, no lint, no ball, and the style is ever-changing. It does not hurt the skin, no stimulation, environmental protection and non-toxicity. Adults and children can have long-term contact.
Fourth, Shanghai style cloth
The composition of the plush doll fabric is mainly acrylic fiber, the suede is flat, the hand feels soft and comfortable, the stripes are clear, the pattern is rich, the color is colorful, and the skin damage is low, and the environment is non-toxic.
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