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1. What is the starting quantity of custom long-haired toys?
For fluffs up to 6 inches tall or larger, we produce a minimum of 500 in quantities. Mini plushs less than 6 inches tall are at least 1000 in number. Our Mingle doll custom manufacturers can also

Handle hundreds of thousands or even more large orders.

2. What is the creation delivery schedule?
Most custom filled toys take a week to design, prototype, manufacture and deliver. For complex designs, it sometimes takes more than 2 weeks.

A faster schedule is usually possible, but it can incur additional costs, and some complex designs are not suitable for very fast times. Contact us to discuss your schedule.

3. How much is a custom-made plush toy?
The budget for your project will depend on your plush character and details to get into your plush.

The luxury budget depends on:

Character design and pattern complexity
Toy size
Choose fabric
Details (embroidery, printing, plastic parts, etc.)
Labels and packaging
Mingle Toys specializes in high quality design plush. Our focus is on great design and custom plush toys that our customers and their fans will love.
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