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First, according to product samples or drawings for the purchase of fabrics, fabrics need to go to the large fabric market to purchase, the fabrics purchased are rare fabrics on the market, or high-quality fabrics, according to the size of the product drawings, precision accounting, including the head Department, eyes, feet, etc. are accounted for, and then according to the amount of data cloth, make a sample.
Second, according to the sample to buy high-quality PP cotton for processing, after processing by the machine to calculate cotton cloth cotton.
Third, according to the fabric of the sample needs to carry out the soup cloth, each part can not be redundant, otherwise it will cause waste, the master will make the soup cloth according to the template, the soup of each doll will be put into the cloth before the cloth can be cut. After the excess cloth is cut, it is handed to the hand for sewing. Each line of each needle must be hand-made and sewn. After sewing, the cotton is manually filled to the seam.
Fourth, the eyes are using crystal eyes, you need to manually hand-sewn the eyes and the semi-finished products together, the hand should keep the outside can not see the seams can be qualified, the thread must be sewn in the plush doll, nose It must be hand-stitched and hand-embroidered according to the model. The eyes are also hand-stitched with a single needle. The sewing should be delicate and the hand force needs to be balanced. You can do the fine seams.
5. The finished plush dolls will be tested, and the machine and manual test will be used to test whether the dolls are qualified. If they are not qualified, the fabrics will be re-made. It is necessary to be safe, safe, healthy, hygienic and environmentally friendly before entering the market.
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