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Dongguan Mingle Toys Co., Ltd. is a plush toy manufacturer specializing in design, production and sales. It has been designing and producing various styles and specifications of corporate mascots, plush dolls, artificial animal toys and fabric toys for many enterprises. Children's backpacks, game peripheral dolls, pillow cushions and other products, * show the three-dimensional image of the shape, the company's workmanship, quality, won the favor of customers and consumers, is one of the most influential toy manufacturers in Dongguan.

As a leader in the industry, we must first have an advantage in the design of the product. As China and the international market continue to deepen, toy importers and even design companies from all over the world have entered China to find suppliers. They are no longer satisfied with the original import model of toy products provided by relatively large toy wholesalers. And more pursuit of the creative and design of plush toys.

Dongguan Mingle Toys Co., Ltd. has a group of * business elites and a professional design team to carry out domestic and foreign trade business, the company's avant-garde design concept, superb production technology and Yili, Mead Johnson, Wal-Mart, China Mobile, Large-scale companies such as BBK and Nokia have successfully established OEM partnerships, and the products are sold well both at home and abroad.

Dongguan Hongyuan Toys Co., Ltd. used its original toy products to attract them at every external exhibition, telling them that they can not only make OEM orders, but also have the ability to accept design requirements. The new model has given birth to new impetus. The toy designers of Dongguan Hongyuan Toys Co., Ltd. have a good basic foundation and independent creative design, which makes Dongguan Hongyuan Toys Co., Ltd. slowly embark on the road of creating products. Embarked on a new step.

As the maker of industry standards, in addition to design, quality control is also a top priority. In April 2017, many international*, including major importers of toys such as Turkey and the United States, imposed a new toy safety law. The regulation almost completely adopts the most stringent EU toy safety directives, and introduces new content of EU directives and standards in recent years. The new standards are generally more rigorous, and the requirements for quality and requirements of enterprises are one level higher. If Chinese toy companies want to connect with the world, the quality must be guaranteed.

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