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Kinds of children's educational toys
Jigsaw toy
Focus on children's cognitive, analytical, and imaginative skills.
2. Game toys
The most intuitive is to improve children's cognitive ability, in addition, develop their thinking, exercise skills and hand-eye coordination.
3. Digital abacus text class
Inspire children to accurately understand the shape, number, and quantity, and then exercise muscle flexibility.
4. Tools
It is mainly for children to understand and master the shape, color and structure of various tools. In this process, they train children's practical hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination ability and develop imagination.
5. Puzzle combination class
Develop your child's spatial imagination and fine hands-on ability to deepen the rational understanding of time, animal, vehicle and house shape and color.
6. Building blocks
Pay attention to training children's imagination and coordination.
7. Traffic toys
By improving children's awareness and understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, they can train their ability to assemble, drag and organize on a number of basis, improve hands-on awareness and self-care ability, and understand the relationship between objects through Transformation relationship.
8. Dragging class
Improve children's cognitive ability, according to different hauling animals, let them know the different characteristics of various animals, and exercise their ability to walk in a wide range.
9. Puzzle toys
It consists of a variety of jigsaws with various shapes and rich contents. On the basis of children's understanding of the combination, splitting and recombination of graphics, they exercise the ability to think independently and cultivate their patience and perseverance.
10. Cartoon dolls
When parents are busy, they need some entertaining toys to accompany their children, while cute cartoon dolls are very popular among children.
Rich in children's educational toys
1. Ring educational toys
The most famous is the nine-chain that originated in the Song Dynasty. It contains a very profound series of principles, if you can not find the rules, it is difficult to solve. If you are facing a "nineteen-link", you will spend more than four days in one second. The rest of the skills such as the Wanshou Ring, the Flower Basket Ring, the Labyrinth, the Plum Blossoms, the Silver Snake Dance, the Silver Snake and the tail are all deeply mathematical, which helps to cultivate people's spatial imagination, logical thinking and Mathematical analysis capabilities.
2. Buckle educational toys
Including magic buckle, lucky buckle, concentric knot, thousand knots, M buckle, most of these games use the flexibility of the rope. The M buckle is the most representative, you may inadvertently separate it, but after loading it, you are overwhelmed and it is quite difficult to master its regularity.
3. Rope educational toys
It is generally used to remove the rope from the set frame, such as a labyrinth or a high note. These toys can teach children to know a lot. Just as a sailor must master dozens of knots, the rope has many changes due to its flexibility.
4. Puzzle class educational toys
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