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The cute shape of the plush toy, the gentle touch, gives the girl unlimited security. However, if the plush toy is not properly selected, it may become a chronic health killer for women. So, how to choose a plush toy? Here is a little experience and reference for those who are trying to buy or hesitate.
1, look at the fabric
This is a major factor in determining the price of a plush toy. Some sellers shoddy it. The fabrics that swindle consumers are soft and soft, and the poor fabrics feel stiff.

2, look at the padded cotton
Good padding cotton is all PP cotton, just like the nine-hole pillow in the supermarket, the feel is very good. The poorly filled cotton is black cotton, which has a poor hand feel and is very dirty. At present, the two most effective methods for distinguishing between PP cotton and black cotton are briefly introduced.
3, look at the toy shape
Large manufacturers will make great efforts in the design of plush toys, and will not imitate other people's shapes like the small factory workshops. They have their own regular brand products, the quality is guaranteed, the channel control is stricter, and the large merchants purchase these guaranteed products.
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