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Now the society walks into a family casually, we will find more and more cloth toys, and now many families are also widely used in homes and companies! Then the adults of the family pay more attention to a problem, that is, the cloth toy is harmful to children. It is an important knowledge that our parents and friends should understand. Plush toys are very popular among girls. The cute shape and gentle touch give the girl unlimited security. However, if the plush toy is not properly selected, it may become a chronic health killer for women. So what is the difference between plush toy fabrics? Today, Dongguan Mingle Toys Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the safety of this children's toy.

Short velvet fabric

This kind of plush fabric is covered with towering fluff, full and erect, flat and uniform, smooth and smooth suede, soft color, small directional, soft and smooth hand, elastic, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.

Most of these fabrics are used to make some cartoon characters, plant-based plush toys. Because the fabric has a short pile length and is not easy to shed hair, the plant itself does not have hair like an animal. The short velveteen can better display the characteristics of the plant and has a high degree of simulation. The same is true for anime characters, except for some special anime characters.


This kind of fabric is made by combining the line technology with artificial fur technology. The fabric made of polyester filament yarn is the mainstream product. The new fabric developed combines the line technology and artificial fur technology. The product style is unique and the three-dimensional effect is strong. It can show elegance and wealth, but also reflect gentle beauty.

Most of these fabrics are used to make animals with long hair, such as plush teddy bears, plush toy rabbits. This can better show the simulation of the plush toy, and the degree of fidelity will be greatly improved.

There are also some plush toys that are machine-themed. These words can also be made of short velveteen fabrics, but some images such as robots can be used to embody the characteristics of robots.

The choice of fabrics for plush toys depends on what kind of image the plush toy is. According to different image items, different plush fabrics are used.
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