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(1) Choose the shape of the plush toy according to the age of the child.
1, 0 to 2 years old.
For children who are in infancy between 0 and 2 years of age, they should choose exaggerated animals for them, that is, cartoonized and more intuitive shapes, such as puppies and bunny with big eyes and big eyes. Because the children's thinking at this time is immature and their ability to distinguish is poor, what they need is a toy with outstanding shape and colorful colors. The color of the toy is best to choose pink or creamy yellow, because children of this age are more sensitive to red and yellow color, which helps to increase their attention. The size of the toy should not be too large, usually less than half of the child's length, so that the child can touch the teasing.
2, 3 to 6 years old.
For children aged 3-6 years old, the shape of the selected toys should be realistic, so that children can recognize and increase their knowledge. It is best to characterize animal toys when they are selected so that children can deepen their impressions. If you choose a panda toy, you should be black and white, let the children know that this is the characteristics of the panda. Although there is a kind of black and white color for bears, it is not suitable for children to avoid illusion. It is best to bring children to the zoo to watch real animals so that they can increase their interest in plush toys. Children of this period can of course pick some exaggerated animals, but this exaggeration must be based on the inability to confuse with real animals.
3, 6 years old or older.
For the little girl, you can also choose some feminine plush animals, such as a bear wearing a skirt, a rabbit wearing a bow, etc., to let the children know that the animal also has gender. At the same time, some animal toys, such as bear mothers and bear children, can be selected to enhance the children's interest and increase the sense of life. You can also choose some plush animal toys that can be worn, or even buy a few more clothes. You can also let the children sew or tie clothes for the toys themselves, and let the children wear clothes and wash clothes to cultivate their labor point of view.
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