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The cute, lovable plush toy is not only popular with the baby, but also the mother of the child is believed to have a lot. However, this type of toy should be carefully selected because of frequent contact with your baby's skin!
The plush toy is made of pure wool or rayon as the fabric, which is cut, sewn, and finally filled with filler to become toys of various shapes. Plush toys are best for children from 2 to 6 years old. Because it is soft, safe, and lively and cute, infants and toddlers like to play tricks. In recent years, the use of high-grade plush fabrics has made such toys more affordable and popular among people. Some young men and women abroad even use plush toys as a token of love, and many families use plush toys as interior decorations, so these toys have seen an increase in sales in recent years.
The selection of plush toys should be carried out from the table and the inside, first from the aspects of styling, fabrics, etc., and then re-examined from the aspects of sewing, filling and attachment fastness. Finally, choose the suitable children from the wide plush toys. Variety.
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