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Everyone knows that the shape of a plush toy is expressed by the filling. In the past, wood chips, shavings, waste cotton, etc. were generally used, which are rarely used because they are not hygienic. Today's plush toys are generally filled with acrylic cotton, polyester or sponge. When the long plush toy is lightly squeezed by hand, the hand feels elastic and has no lumps. The whole toy looks sharp, put it on the table, and stand on the ground with four feet instead of the east. The body of the toy is flattened by hand, and after releasing the hand, the toy should immediately return to its original shape without the feeling of sagging and slack, indicating that the filling is elastic and good in texture.
The eyes of plush toys are the key to quality, and it is required to be assembled and not easy to fall off, so as not to be devastated by children. It is best to use a spring balance to check the fastness. Generally, the eye should have a pulling force of more than 90 Newtons. When you choose a plush toy in the store, you can use your thumb and forefinger to pinch your eyes and pull it out. If you can't pull it out easily, you will be qualified. If you pull it out with a slight pull, you can't buy it. Some plush toys use cartoon eyes, so check the color on the top should not be easily peeled off. You can rub your eyes with your fingers several times and there should be no staining on your fingers. For normal eyes, check whether the attachment is flat and there are no obvious bubbles in the eyes.
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