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In today's advocating personality and trend, the alternative cloth toys hand-stitched by designers, rare in quantity and expensive, also occupy a large share in the market. Such as with catharsis, extreme freedom

The "ugly doll" of the righteousness. They are anti-mainstream dolls with cute and beautiful dolls, or sly or sinister, informal, these monster-like shapes, reminiscent of temper, ugly or

The words of blame are the words of life, the five senses of their translocation, the twisted limbs reverse the styling style of aesthetic law, expressing a simple emotion.
The cloth velvet material is simple and easy to obtain, and the variety and the simple craftsmanship make many artists also love the production of cloth toys. For example, the Boris Hoppek series (Fig. 48) is composed of

The famous cloth toy that the artist designed and produced can be purchased in famous art museums and museums in Europe and America. Friends With You's range of cloth toys combined with the device. Has surpassed

The cloth toy itself, you can hardly say whether it is a toy, a device, or a performance art.
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