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We changed how to choose the quality of the plush toy, first check whether the head is round, full, and moderately soft. The position of the nose should be roughly centered and not skewed. The position of the ears and nose should be arranged symmetrically and must not have a significant height. The position of the mouth and tongue should be aligned with the nose and must not be offset. The thickness of the limbs should be uniform and the length should be appropriate. If there is no problem with the above checks, the primary selection is acceptable.
Second, the choice of fabric and sewing quality:
Plush toy fabrics are divided into pure wool and chemical fiber. Pure wool fabrics are expensive and easy to be wormed, so they are rarely used. There is a simpler way to distinguish between pure wool and chemical fiber fabrics: remove a few fibers from the plush toy and observe the burning result with a fire. If the black carbon is left behind, use a finger to pinch the powder. It is a pure wool fabric; if it is burned to leave a brown paste, it will be chemical fiber if it is pinched with a finger.
When inspecting the quality of the fabric, the toy should be held in the hand, and forcefully follow the direction of the natural covering of the plush. The plush should not be depilated, no bottom, no insects, no mildew, no color difference, and softened after combing. It should be restored to its original state. If the plush is combed and then combed but it does not return to the original, it looks like chaotic stripes, indicating that the quality of the fabric used in the toy is not good enough.
Generally, the sewing process is adopted at the joint between the head and the body of the toy and the joint between the limbs and the body, and should be carefully checked. The general standard is that the line feet are even, no off-line, and no exposed ends. In order to identify the sewing fastness, you can hold any sewing part of the toy by hand, and pull it up and down 3 times. There should be no breakage or cracking.

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