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First, pay attention to view the material of plush toys
When mothers buy plush toys for their babies, don't try to be cheap. Be sure to choose quality assurance and material composition. Some unqualified plush toys use black cotton or unsterilized waste materials as fillers, and these fillers contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which are easy to induce skin diseases. For the baby's health, the inferior plush toy is a stealth bomb.
Mingle Toys Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 certification standards, and the customized plush toys are in line with the needs of European, Japanese and other markets!
Second, pay attention to check the quality of toys
Toys with a harder material should be checked for smoothness and not cut hands; do not buy toys without obvious sharp tips; pay attention to check the edges without burrs, burrs, etc. As for some toys with moving parts, it is necessary to ensure that the baby's fingers will not be pinched and then purchased. In addition, when a mother buys a stuffed toy, not only must the material be confirmed, but also the presence or absence of foreign matter or hard objects in the filling to avoid potential safety hazards.
Third, be alert to the sound of sound toys
Most of the babies like toys with sound, but mothers should pay attention to whether the sound of the toys is soft and not harsh, to avoid excessive noise and damage the baby's hearing. When playing with a sound toy, the baby needs to control the volume below 70 decibels. If the noise is too large, it will not only make the baby feel scared, but also the large volume will cause dizziness, headache, tinnitus, memory loss and other symptoms.
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