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Lucky pig plush doll

  • Product Item:ML3020
  • Category:Business mascot
  • Product Manual:Cute plush dolls OEM, plush toys sample processing, plush toys seller, stuffed toys OEM from China, are welcomed to Mingle Toys Co., Ltd. We are professional in plush toys produce and export.

 Dongguan Mingle Toys Co., LTD., located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China, is a professional manufacturer of plush toys, electronic toy doll production and processing. The company provides services such as sample production, manufacturing and OEM. According to customer's request, it can be customized to all kinds of plush toys, plush dolls, baby early education of cloth books, plush slippers, and corporate mascot, etc. The company is professtional in plush toys producing, with good quality, reasonable price and excellent service. Production bases include two plants, loacated in Guangdong provice and Henan provice. 

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